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Do you want to lose weight but can't stick to a diet no matter how hard you try?

Discover how to lose weight  simply by Thinking, Moving and Eating differently. Get it right this time!

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The Best Way To Lose Weight

If you are on a diet right now and are not getting the results you want, or have tried to diet before and failed, this is for you. The COMPLETE weight loss solution, that is easy to do, available to you all day, everyday, and gives you quick results that will last.

There’s dieting and then there’s slimthinkers. By joining us and others just like you, you have at your finger tips everything you need to get it right this time. You see we start at the top and work down, unlike everyone else who just gives you diets and exercise programs. You know it’s your mind that puts your hand in the fridge. It’s your mind that decides what you are going to do or not going to do. It’s your mind that will push you on or tell you to give up. As behavioural change experts we use our unique blend of NLP techniques combined with our proven 3d hypnosis, we get your mind working for you and not against you. You will deal with and master limiting self belief, emotional eating and learn how to deal with stress. You will discover different eating patterns which on their own will go along way to you losing weight. And wouldn’t it be great to know how to move without hitting the gym and still burn calories. We are fitness trainers too and we know what works, but more importantly what doesn't.  And what about food? Well with slimthinkers you're not on a diet.  You will simply speed up your metabolism by eating different things with our simple eating plans.

Hi, I just want to let you know I have now lost a total of 31.5 inches off of my body! and lost almost 2 st! I go on my holiday in just over a weeks time and thanks to you I'm going to put a bikini on for the first time in years :) I feel so much better about myself and my heath is better to, I have recommended this program to all of my friends, thank you so much, I'm never going to get out of shape again, you have given me the confidence to stick with this, its so natural I don't feel like I'm doing anything :) Thank you!!!!!

Member, Kerry Argyle

Introducing The Slimthinkers Clubhouse

The only place you will need to lose weight and live a better life. Take a peak inside

Simply by changing the way you move, eat and think and doing it in bite sized chunks, you will lose weight and keep it off. Changing habits and behaviors is easy when you know how!  You will have complete access 24/7 to your membership and expert guidance

love your programme and doing well so far on it, I believe it is the cleverest programme for weight issues available at the moment, a big well done from me" :)

Member, London
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Real feedback from our customers

Whatever you do to help us rethink...keep doing it! Still on Week 1 but there's definitely something coming from my laptop and zapping through the waves and into my mind-set. Here's to Week 2.... Thank you so very much.

Melanie, UK

only on week 2 but already the messages seem to be going in - I love that I can access the programme when I have some time to myself - which isn't often!


Still Have Questions about Slimthinkers?

Check out these frequently asked questions...

I have tried Hypnosis before without success. why is this any different?

Yes we know some people have not experienced favourable results. This is why we combine NLP and hypnosis in our programmes which allows complete submersion in to the subconcious mind with dramatic results.

What if I don't want it when I get it?

No problems. All you have to do is cancel your subscription and that's it, no questions asked.

What support do I have on your program?

You will receive an email from us when you register asking to confirm your subscription to our newsletter. You will get these as part of the membership. They include ways to get the most from your time and efforts. You also have the opportunity to contact for support or to take advantage of our private one to one coaching on skype/phone or email.

I'm on a diet program at the minute, can I still do this?

This is not a diet. It's all about making small changes that will make a big difference. So yes, if you are currently on a diet of some kind our programs will help you succeed!

What is the virtual gastric band?

You will find the perfect answer to that on our slimthinker blog  along with lots of other related articles. If you want us to write about anything specific on there let us know.

How long do I have access to my stuff?

When you buy anything from us, be it a single download or a complete online program, it is yours forever. You have 24/7 access everyday of the year!

How do I access my program?

When you join us, we send your login details to your inbox. All you have to do is keep them somewhere safe and enter them when ever you want to log in. Nothing is downloaded on to your computer, it is kept on our server.

What equipment do I need?

Our programs can be viewed on any device so, if you can play a video and listen to an audio, type your user name into a box, then that's you covered.


If you don't start now it wil stay an intention and intentions don't burn calories!

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