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Been on a diet before only to give up and pile it all back on again plus more? Well now you don’t have to! Weight loss tips for change

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With Slimthinkers you will discover the secrets to weight loss without yoyo dieting plus many more strategies for success in all areas of your life, simply by changing the way you think, move and eat.

It’s your mind that puts your hand in the fridge! Most weight loss products out there today concentrate on what you put in to your body or how to exercise to lose weight. Then expect you to go off and source your own motivation and goal setting strategies. Well we do it all. We will show you how to use our tried and tested Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques to completely transform the way you think and feel. Combine this with our fantastic Hypnotherapy downloads, you can start changing today! Plus our own unique methods of moving and eating, tried and tested over years of practice. We know what works but more importantly what doesn’t! Watch a free NLP video right now to help you focus on what’s important in your life and how to imptove it today.

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We start from the head down getting you motivated and in control of your emotions. Then we introduce you to our blend of 5 minute workouts and fat burning foods. The best way to be fitter, firmer, slimmer and in control of your life.

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The Complete Gastric Band Hypnosis Program

Permanent weight loss in 4 just weeks

We know from years of experience that combining NLP and hypnosis over a 4 week period will have fantastic results

The Change Your Life Program

Just 10 easy steps you can do to completely change your life today

Losing weight, getting motivated to exercise, improving your self esteem, stopping smoking, changing limiting beliefs are just part of this unique program of change

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The Ultimate Change Toolbox

A One Stop Shop For Everything You Need To Change

Fed up looking around the internet to find the best solution to looking and feeling better, dealing with life’s ups and down or changing limiting habits? Look no further.

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Real feedback from our customers

Whatever you do to help us rethink…keep doing it! Still on Week 1 but there’s definitely something coming from my laptop and zapping through the waves and into my mind-set. Here’s to Week 2…. Thank you so very much.

Melanie, UK

only on week 2 but already the messages seem to be going in – I love that I can access the programme when I have some time to myself – which isn’t often!


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Still Have Questions about Slimthinkers?

Check out these frequently asked questions…

I have tried Hypnosis before without success. why is this any different?

Yes we know some people have not experienced favourable results. This is why we combine nlp and hypnosis in our programmes which allows complete submersion in to the subconcious mind with dramatic results.

What if I don’t want it when I get it?

No problems. The Virtual Gastric Band Program, Life Change Program and Members Club carry a 30 day money back guarentee. Note, products downloaded from our shop do not have this.

What support do I have on your program?

You will receive an email from us when you register asking to confirm your subscription to our newsletter. You will get these as part of the program. They include ways to get the most from your time and efforts. You also have the opportunity to contact for support or to take advantage of our private one to one coaching on skype/phone or email.

What is the virtual gastric band?

You will find the perfect answer to that on our slimthinker blog  along with lots of other related articles. If you want us to write about anything specific on there let us know.

How long do I have access to my stuff?

When you buy anything from us, be it a single download or a complete online program, it is yours forever. The members club is slightly different in so far as access is available providing you are continuing your monthly installments.

How do I access my program?

When you buy a program from us, we send your login details to your inbox. All you have to do is keep them somewhere safe and enter them when ever you want to log in. Nothing is downloaded on to your computer, it is kept on our server. If you download an mp3 however from our shop, this does go straight to your computer where you can then do with it what you wish.

Get Your free weight Loss Hypnosis MP3 here.

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