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Previously only available to our members. Released now to the public for the first time. Get your Free copy NOW! This MP3 is part of the ‘Change Your Life Program’.

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Discover How You Can Change Your Life Right Now By Making Small Changes That Will Make A Big Difference!

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From experts in weight loss, fitness and behavioural change using NLP techniques, Hypnosis plus tried and tested 5 minute workouts combined with new eating patterns. If you do the same things all the time guess what? You get the same results. It’s time to do something different and the right time is NOW!

  • Change Your Life Program

    The easy 10 step formula to change your life. Get 7 fantastic hypnosis tracks and 3 inspiring NLP videos. Stop Smoking, Lose weight, Start Exercising, Relaxation, Fears and Phobias, Be Happy, Self Confidence…….

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    “Have you been on a diet before only to give up and pile it all back on again plus more? Well now you don’t have to!” Introducing a unique online 4 week weight loss program including the Full Virtual Gastric Band……

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    Discover how to eat, move and think differently with amazing results! Our members are losing weight right now with our NLP, Hypnosis, Fat Burning Foods and the Best Exercises For Weight Loss out there…….

Choose to change. Change the way you Think, Eat And move with dramatic results. It’s that simple.

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A Bit About Slimthinkers....

“Slimthinkers is the culmination of 50 years joint experience in Health and Fitness, NLP, Hypnosis, Weight Loss and Behavioural Change.

We developed our first program, ran a pilot and got astounding results. Was it a fluke? No! Subsequently running many successful programs, taking hundreds of people through our methods with the same results; weight loss and positive change. We have fine tuned along the way and listened to what people want, the ability to access our skills at the click of a button, anytime, anywhere.

Now is your chance to join us and people just like you who are looking for something different from dieting and gyms! Weight Loss and Change At Home. We look forward to seeing you inside.” Mark And Paul

Meet The Slimthinker Team

Mark Benn

Behavioural Change Expert.

Mark is a sought after therapist offering private practice to clients from all walks of life. He has over 15 years of experience as a Behavioural Change management and leadership Consultant, Coach and Mentor. His client portfolio includes names such as Virgin Atlantic, NHS and many more. Mark is a Master level NLP practitioner, Master Hypnosis and advanced neurological repatterning and member of the PHPA. A specialist in weight loss hypnotherapy with incredible results! Mark can help to transform the way you think (and talk) about your self and others.

Paul Knight

Health and Fitness Professional

With over 30 years experience in the fitness and weight loss industry, Paul knows exactly what works and more importantly what doesn't. As a qualified and well respected fitness professional he has been teaching and educating people from all walks of life on methods to improve their life through being active. Having private clients from pop stars to pensioners, Pauls unique approach to fitness and health is proving ever more popular. Having managed large facilities, developed health intiatives for local councils and owned his own clubs, Paul is now dedicated to showing you everything that he has learned.

Amazing – only did first week yesterday – went out and bought water – chosing to drink it not had a snack since placing it near temptation is a brilliant strategy.